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dare to experience an unusual night out? book your bed or table here and be amazed by a five course dinner, exhilarating music, provocative performances and more... feel free to join us at our cocktailbar apt on the ground floor for a pre-dinner drink. dinner starts at 8 pm.


supperclub is more than a restaurant, a gallery, a bar or a club. it is all of the above. it’s a place where like-minds find each other and go home with a story at the end of the night. supperclub brings you a night full of spectacle, from exciting food concepts, exhilarating music, provocative performances to artistic visuals. everyone plays a role, even you, and fills in the white canvas that is the supperclub.   

we hope you’re wearing your good socks. because when you step through the silver door of the old theatre hall and lay on the crisp white beds, you’ll be taking off your shoes. pay no mind to etiquette and good table manners. put aside your existing (culinary) dogma and open your mind. let notorious performances amaze you or discover new talent.

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Thu 22 Mar 11.30pm - 4am
it's bambu time! expect beastly hiphop & beastly r&b hits! read more
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Fri 23 Mar 11:30pm - 4am
friyay is thé new friday night in amsterdam! read more
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Sat 24 Mar 11pm - 4am
upperclub. the strangest things happen behind closed doors... read more
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21st of march: vertoon with julia hovve

vertoon is a cultural night by supperclub where creative expression and eccentricity are celebrated. during dinner, unorthodox acts take place: from live music, dance and theatre, to visual arts which are projected on the classic white walls of odeon's theatre hall with live video mapping. this evening revolves around the work of julia hovve. known mainly for her fashion photography, she presents for the first time her personal photo series to the public. 'get clean' reveals the gritty outsider world of disenchanted youth by spontaneously documenting the underbelly of london and berlin. with vertoon there is the possibility to enjoy a 3-course for €35 dinner (reservation by calling 020-3446400, code word: vertoon). everyone is also welcome for just a drink and dance (free entrance).

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25th of march & 1st of april: female rappers

performance collective bouillabaise presents their theatre show 'female rappers' at supperclub. this interdisciplinary performance is a 40 minutes music video trip, where urban music meets opera and gospel. it shows that - in this society of self-glorification and narcissism - it could just happen that we massively worship a new kind of leader: the female rapper. 

the 25th of march starts at 4pm,  get tickets here. 

the 1st of april starts at 9pm, during our dinner. for dinner reservations click here. for just a theatre ticket click here. 

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30th of march: sabine staartjes x full monty x friyay

the 30th of march we have a bombastic collaboration between fashion designer sabine staartjes, full monty, friyay and absolut. we start with sabine staartjes presenting her newest collection with a fashion show at 4pm. this event flows into our dinner night full monty: with double the entertainment, double the fun and all shows curated by sabine staartjes. this energetic vibe continues with our weekly party night friyay, which is full of sheerful entertainment too. the dinner during full monty has a special price of 79 euro's and includes entrance for party night friyay, click here for reservations.




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2nd-16th of april: colors by club k

from the 2nd till the 16th of april creative agency club k performs a very special concept colors at supperclub. 5 courses, 5 performances, 5 visuals... drenched in 5 different colors. enjoy an experience for all senses in totally white, yellow, green, red and black. while you are the epicentre of this immersive artwork. book this unique and outrageous indulgence here. 

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artist of the month march: julia hovve
artist of the month march: julia hovve

in the month march we showcase to artworks of fashion photographer julia hovve. her style can be recognised for its raw edges, 'lazy' cropping and a spontaneous atmosphere. her photos have been featured in places such as i-d, kaltblut and vogue italia. her work considers concepts ranging from gender perception, intimacy, anti-nationalism to the dream state.

but where did this style come from? here at the supperclub, she reveals for the first time, the world that is reflected in her fashion work. her youth has been spent documenting the underbelly of the london and berlin adolescent life; temptation and hedonism mingle in what can only be described as a tribute to feral youth. 

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new daythemes 2018

a new year, new dreams to realize. for supperclub that is the launch of brand new daily themes to make every day a special feast. we proudly present you:


manic monday

"fuck the weekend, we party on monday." manic monday stands for a colorful burst of playful performances and the right party vibe during dinner. because for already ten years in supperclub we party on monday. from 9pm on oldschool r&b, hip-hop and house is playing for the crowd who celebrate after weekend. let's pop those bottles!

supper soulful tuesday

"music for the soul, is food for thought." tuesday at supperclub is all about jazz and soulful music. lay back and let your ears get pleased with sweet soft tunes. every week there is live singing, sometimes surprised by a saxophone or other instrument. theatrical performances accompany that smooth vibe and the dj will sooth us with touchy notes all night long.

playhouse wednesday

"in my playhouse of infinite forms i caught a sight of him that is formless." at wednesday we give our odeon theatre hall it's function as stage back. we showcase performances with exiting narratives and theatre acts that dare to go experimental. our artists go playful this evening by doing innovative collaborations. the supperclub style is to show humorous, aesthetic and boundary breaking pieces.


"gender is between your ears, not between your legs." thursday is the gender bending night in supperclub. men in lingerie, women with moustaches. with a sexy eyewink of burlesque and boylesque. an ode to the old crazy days of supperclub: openminded, raw and on the edge. but in a classy, smart looking trenchcoat. the aim is not to shock, just to give you some spicy food for thought.  

whimsical weekend

"there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths." at friday and saturday anything can happen in the white interior of supperclub which serves as a blanc canvas. just leave your expectations at home and expect the unexpected. take of your shoes, lay back on our beds and let a surprise shower get over you. maybe an aerial act, maybe a sing-along, maybe a leg in your neck at the end of the night...

sultry sunday

"the aim is to illuminate and reveal the alluring world." at sunday we crawl a bit closer to our beloved ones. this evening is a sexy one with performances that provoke to go intimate. with neo-burlesque, sensual aerial acts or crazy hot body plays. the djs, hosts, artists and chefs lure us in that warm, sultry mood where our eyes dare to meet for a little longer while...  


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join the team
join the team

we are always looking for new colleagues with passion for hospitality. are you a motivated and social-minded bartender, cocktail shaker, club runner or line cook with the right creative vibe to please our guests? come and join our supperclub team.

are you interested in joining the supperclub family? send you motivation and cv for club vacancies to or for restaurant vacancies to

we’re also looking for floormanagers, waiters and line cooks in one of our other restaurants! interested? click here

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dinner cards, cd's & more

searching for the perfect gift? check out our online shop and see what we have in store for you. our webshop includes supperclub cd’s, dinner cards and t-shirts. click here to visit the webshop.

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want to experience a night at supperclub? dinner starts at 8 pm, but you're more than welcome to come earlier for a pre-dinner drink in our mystical cocktailbar apt. reserve your bed or table here and our chefs will surprise you with a delicious chef’s menu for € 69,-. supperclub is also suitable for group bookings on weekdays. want a table for the club night? then have a look at our club agenda for more information. 

supperclub cruise

seeking extra adventure? the supperclub at the singel also has a sailing equivalent: the supperclub cruise. dine on the infamous crisp white beds while you discover amsterdam from a unique perspective: the water. find an intimate corner in the romantic bar noir or party the night away in the crisp white salle neige. everything is possible. with music by our resident dj's, provocative performances by international acts and a 4-course dinner like only supperclub can serve it. the cruise is docked behind central station at pier 14 and is open on friday and saturday from 7:30pm until late. click here for the website.

event location

supperclub is the perfect location for both small and large events. we have room for 545 people in total, with two beautiful, classical areas; la salle neige (the white theatre hall) and l’entresol (the balcony). supperclub has hosted many successful product launches, fashion shows, culinary events, presentations, expositions and club nights. we have our own in-house, experienced creative team, chefs, artists, entertainers, dj's and vj's who can translate your wishes into a custom made reality. 

our events department is happy to help you. you can contact our sales and events department through +31203446400 or via e-mail.


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