Supperclub presents: Studio 54! 

Supperclub is marked by a new sense of optimism, a new energy, a new desire is mounting. Arts and culture flourished, people are dancing, drinking and enjoying life to the fullest. We are ready to go out and, most importantly, to see and be seen again. Welcome to the return of dressing up, vibrant colors and volume. Hear us roar!

This summer, the Supperclub super freaks come together to create a Studio 54 dinnershow like no other. Do you remember the legendary disco nights at the famous New York nightclub? We will do it all over! Frock up, get down, and catch up with your funkadelic friends under the shiny disco balls, no pretentious door policy here. The icon white canvas will be transformed into a boogie wonderland for all you dancing queens. Glam up early for the dinnershow and stay until the Saturday night fever kicks in!

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Supperclub restaurant has three sections: the DJ-booth, the ground floor and the overviewing balcony. Your booking includes a vibrating appetizer, a 3-course chefs menu and the spectacular Studio 54 dinnershow!

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