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We aspire to create as much memorable moments as possible and facilitate others in doing the same…

This manifests itself in the planning and realization of unique and effective events, our additional services and the creativity that’s added to every event and dinner night.


The Supperclub is a well-known nightclub located in a large theater hall in the center of Amsterdam. From 1993 to 2015 Supperclub was located in de Jonge Roelensteeg. Nowadays, it is located in the Odeon building at het Singel 460. The Supperclub was set up as a “Gallery for Cooking Art” and had spared no expense for extravagant sets and performances. New and characteristic were the white lounge beds, on which people could enjoy dining, drinking and enjoying the entertainment while half-lying.

Although established in a rather obscure location, the Supperclub soon became one of the most fashionable clubs in Amsterdam, especially because of the possibility to ‘lounge’, which was the leading trend in nightlife in the nineties and around the year 2000.

In 2020, the Supperclub was taken over by owners Joeri Salet and Nick Bruynesteijn who, thoroughly renovated the building and subsequently accommodated the club in their company GBU, which include Supperclub Cruise and Bar Rouge. 

Supperclub & Supperclub Cruise

Supperclub has its own sailing variant: Supperclub Cruise. Joeri Salet has been co-owner since 2017 and since 2020 Nick Bruynesteijn and Joeri Salet are the owners of the Supperclub Cruise. Their innovative vision resulted in the renovation of the ship in order to answer the demand in the event market.

The Supperclub Cruise serves its dinner on Friday and Saturday. Also the Supperclub Cruise hosts many well-known cruise parties. The ship can be fully booked for your own event.


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